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I'm Riccardo and I've lived in the world of vintage cars for three generations.
My father was an excellence in the Lancia world and owned a workshop which, in turn, he had inherited from his uncle, who had already been restoring cars in the 1960s.
In that period, “old” cars were simply old; there was not yet love for what today are considered real jewels.

I grew up immersed in that typical scent that all historic cars have, listening to the roar of engines that started breathing again after years of inactivity, watching the hands of mechanics repairing parts with surgical delicacy and knowledge.

Machines are pieces of memory and those who, like me, take care of them contribute to keeping them alive.
Like a book or a film, they are witnesses of a past made up of fashions, customs and society. Just looking at them is enough to be catapulted elsewhere; wherever you want.

The world of vintage cars is boundless: full of stories, anecdotes and memories.
I decided to try to tell them in this blog.
I will talk about the most iconic models, I will tell the behind-the-scenes story of our most challenging restorations and I will give advice to those who want to get closer to this wonderful world or to those who are already part of it.

My drawer is still full of dreams; I'll share those too.
It is a way to tell the story of Giolitti, a company founded in 1938, which I took over with my wife ten years ago, throwing myself enthusiastically into this adventure that I desired and feared at the same time.

Every day, I open the doors of our premises to welcome other stories.
The story of those who want to bring the family car, left in the garage for too long, back to its former glory.
That of the collector, always hunting for treasures.
Anyone is welcome: whether you are curious to learn more about this world, or whether you want to invest in an asset that increases in value with the passage of time, it will be a pleasure to listen to you and tell you our opinion.


Articolo interessante che spiega la storia di questa splendida impresa che lavora con amore e passione
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