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We are preparing for the biggest event in Europe, dedicated to vintage car enthusiasts. We of Giolitti will be there; we will bring with us beautiful cars, lots of spare parts, but above all the joy of sharing our passion with amateurs, experts and collectors.

Pleasure, Giolitti

It is always difficult to describe what it feels like when preparing for an event like Auto and Moto d’epoca.

An important appointment for those who, like us, work in this field. A full immersion to confront the market, learn about innovations and trends in the sector, but above all an opportunity to get in direct contact with people.

Having, in short, the opportunity to get to know each other personally, to be able to talk about your work, how you do it, to shake hands to those who might have seen us only online and want to know who is behind the scenes.

Telling is the first, true reason why we participate in Auto and Moto of epoch 2023.

The cars that will accompany us

We chose to bring to this edition two authentic jewels:


La Fulvia Sport is one of the jewels signed by Ercole Spada, the father of the most beautiful cars coached by Zagato: the Flaminia Sport, theAlfa Romeo TZ1 tubular, the Aston Martin DB4 GTZ.

Launched in 1966 with the 1200 cc motorization, this Sport grew in 1967 to 1300 cc, to provide the base for the Fulvia Sport for competitions.

This model is part of a lot of only 607 cars with engine 1300 cc, all made of aluminium (PERALLUMAN): it has the motor with preparation Bosato, 100 CV (as much as a HF 1300). The preparation (of 1987) is certified by the Zagato register to which it is enrolled, authentic car as from ASI approval.

Very good body conditions, interior and mechanics, equipped with original radio with CB Blaupunkt. Professionally and totally revised and controlled.

Original plates and documents.

An important collector's item.


THEAlfa Romeo, In the 1950s, he built the Giulietta model, presenting the Coupè version rather abnormally before the usual Berlina. Year 1954 in one name the legendary “Giulietta Sprint”. A fantastic car with a unique, aerodynamic and at the same time beautiful, agile, of high comfort, with an adequate distribution of the masses and an excellent weight-power ratio. To follow, the Berlina and the special series designed by the best coaches of the time, recognized in Italy and in the world, the SS (Sprint Speciale) designed by Bertone and the SZ (Sprint Zagato) designed by the homonymous Zagato body shop, reported by our team giolitti in its elegant Spider splendor designed by Pininfarina

This car represents an example of total restoration carried out by us.

The peculiarity is in the color, which we wanted was the inimitable Alfa red.

Original plates and documents.

Lots of spare parts, for every need

Who knows us knows that our offer of vintage car parts for Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Lancia is wide and flexible. Here are some examples of our spare parts availability that we will bring to the fair for:

Alfa Romeo Giulietta series 750-101

Alfa Romeo Series 105-115

Alfa Romeo Spider Duet

Lancia Fulvia

Lancia Aurelia

Lancia Aprilia

Flavia launches

Lance Ardea

Fiat Mickey Mouse

Fiat Balilla

Fiat 1100

Fiat 1500

Fiat 2300

Fiat 500

Fiat Dino

In addition, we remind you that, thanks to our employees and our network of partners, we can faithfully reproduce the spare parts you need.


Auto and Moto of 2023 is also an opportunity to discover our consulting service.

If you want to evaluate your car or you're thinking about buying one, we can help you with a professional 360° car verification.

You're here

You will find the staff of Giolitti at Hall 16, Corsia A, Stand 88.

We wait for you!


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