A family tradition


Inglese Everything started at the beginning of 2013, when Riccardo Sciullo, current owner of Giolitti Auto d'Epoca Srl, reports the historic spare parts center for vintage cars existing since 1946 in the famous Via Giolitti, in Rome. Already known nationally and in widespread use in Europe and overseas, the historic company, in order to meet the growing demand from an increasingly demanding and prepared clientele in finding, reconstructing and selling high quality spare parts, needed an innovative turnaround.

Son of art, his father had a mechanical workshop where he kept antique cars, through Giolitti Auto d'Epoca Srl gives life and a reality able to satisfy the needs of different types of customers, from the true enthusiast, who considers himself a car because it has a history by seeking the satisfaction of seeing it return as it once was, those approaching the sector by buying a 500 or a 600 and then get passionate and look for something else.

Looking back at the shop windows, now located in the Conca D’oro district, you go back to the past. Fascinating care and order of display on showcases and shelves of handles, pistons, plates, badges, rims and much more.


Today Giolitti Auto d'Epoca Srl is the first supplier in Rome and its province specialized in the sale and reproduction of Vintage Auto Parts of National production. It has a large warehouse of about 300 square meters, in which thousands of precious pieces of bodywork, mechanics and electrical parts of many car models are kept.

The company's focus is mainly on the Italian Historic Cars produced between the 30s and the 70s, those that with an Englishism are called "classic cars". The primary objective of the Giolitti team is to best meet the needs of the collector, trying to provide, when possible, the original piece, or, alternatively, a reconstruction of the piece made by master-craftsmen in full respect of originality and quality as an absolute value, thanks to the collaboration with a network of sector specialists. This allows the company to satisfy most requests from the most demanding customers.