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Kit Boccole Tirante Barra Stabilizzatrice Anteriore Alfa Romeo Serie 750-101-105-102-106

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Kit composed of 4 bushings rubber side rods front stabilizer bar suitable for various models Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Giulia Berlina, Sprint, Spider, Sprint Special, Sprint Zagato series 750-101, 2000-2600 series 102-106 Spider "Touring", Sprint "Bertone" and Giulia Berlina, Sprint GT "Bertone" and Spider "Duetto" first series 105

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Kit composto da 4 boccole in gomma tiranti laterali barra stabilizzatrice   anteriore adatto ai vari modelli Alfa Romeo Giulietta e Giulia Berlina, Sprint,   Spider, Sprint Speciale, Sprint Zagato serie 750-101, 2000-2600 serie 102-106 Spider   "Touring", Sprint "Bertone" e Giulia Berlina, Sprint GT "Bertone" e Spider "Duetto" prime serie 105

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Front Suspension
Exhaust system

Front Exhaust System

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