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Cavi Candele Verdi In Rame Autobianchi - Fiat 500 N-D-F-L-R Cavo Lungo Bobina A Sinistra

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Series of green candles with copper filament, not shielded, suitable for various models Autobianchi Bianchina and Fiat 500 N-D-F-L-R type 110, with coil cable length 970mm for models with coil positioned left in the engine compartment.

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Serie cavi candele verdi con filamento in rame, non schermati, adatti ai vari modelli Autobianchi Bianchina e Fiat 500 N-D-F-L-R tipo 110, con cavo bobina lungo 970mm per modelli con bobina posizionata a sinistra nel vano motore.

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Cavi Candele Verdi In Rame...

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