Braking System Giulietta - Giulia Series 750-101

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Alfa Romeo, always at the forefront, built the Giulietta model in the 1950s, presenting the Coupe version rather unusually before the usual Sedan. All in one name: "Giulietta Sprint." A fantastic car with a unique, aerodynamic, and simultaneously beautiful design, agile, highly comfortable, with proper weight distribution and an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Following that, the Sedan and special series designed by the best car body manufacturers of the time, recognized in Italy and around the world, such as the elegant Spider designed by Pininfarina, the SS (Sprint Speciale) designed by Bertone, and the SZ (Sprint Zagato) designed by the Zagato bodywork company.

One of the innovations introduced by Alfa Romeo with the Giulietta was a more efficient braking system than the competition: the Girling system (of English origin, typically found in larger-sized cars) with the application of 2 cylinders for each wheel on the front axle {Girling 2-shoe cylinder kit}.

The uniqueness lies in having one cylinder per brake shoe, suitably enlarged, thus allowing for more performant, powerful, and precise braking. On the rear axle, only one cylinder per wheel was mounted, but through the use of linkages, it evenly distributed the braking power both in the upper and lower parts. For the hydraulic part, the pipes, along with the larger-than-normal brake pump, adequately distributed the oil to all 6 cylinders. A brake pump with larger gaskets and seals (25mm) allowed for a greater supply of brake fluid.

In 1962, with the ultimate evolution of the Giulietta 1300 third series and later the Giulia 1600, a new system was briefly adopted before the use of disc brakes. This system included 3 cylinders applied to the 3 brake shoes for each wheel on the front axle, further enhancing braking efficiency.

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